239-105, EHASR BURNER ASSEMBLY, 230V, 6-1/4" FAN [WAYNE]

239-105, EHASR BURNER ASSEMBLY, 230V, 6-1/4" FAN [WAYNE]


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239-105, EHASR BURNER ASSEMBLY, 230V, 6-1/4" FAN [WAYNE]

This 230V EHASR Series of burner assemblies features Flame Lock which assures a positive flame stability, resulting in a clean, uniform high temperature flame.

Burner Features:

  • High static pressure for better air/oil mixture
  • Clean, smooth ignition and sharp, positive no-drip shutoff prevents carbon soot from forming
  • Nozzle operating temperatures remain low
  • Economy results from high CO2 readings, providing a high combustion efficiency that saves fuel

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Product Specifications

 239-005 EHASR 

 Wayne EHASR Burner Assembly

 Firing Capacities       0.75 to 3.00 GPH 
 Fuel  No. 1 or No. 2 Fuel Oil
 Motor  3450 RPM
 Ignition  10,000v/23MA constant duty transformer.  TV-Radio interference proof.  Positive make or break contact with electrodes.  Swing-away design swings open for easy access to gun assembly.
 Controls  Control and cadium cell are optional
 Fan  6-1/4"
 Air Adjustment  Patented dual adjusting air bands interlock for positive air adjustment
 Fuel Pump  Standard 3450 RPM fuel pump - easy to service.  One or two stage
 Flame Retention Head  High temperature stainless steel for longer life
 Shipping Weight        Approximately 38 lbs.

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