Pressure Washer Thermostats

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Just as you would control the heat of your home or hot water heater with a thermostat, hot-water pressure washers employ the same technology. Pressure washers are specifically designed to use either hot or cold water. To operate efficiently, hot water pressure washers need water of a specific temperature.

For cold water pressure washers, there isn’t as much concern over the temperature of the water. Once the garden hose (or other water sources) is hooked to the machine, you’re ready to wash. So, how do you choose between a hot water and a cold water pressure washer?

Much of the decision is based on what you want to be cleaned - hot water has better cleaning properties than cold. For tougher Large industrial or commercial machinery tend to use a lot of grease or oil, which can be hard to clean up. Once mixed in with dirt, dust, and other debris, those messy jobs get even messier.

For cleaning debris off a deck, mud off your truck, or leaves out of the gutter, a cold water pressure washer is up to the job. There’s no need for the extra power of a hot water machine. Think of washing dishes: if you just need to rinse out a glass, cold water is up to the task. For greasy plates, you’ll turn to hot water for a better cleaning experience.

With a thermostat, you’ll be confident the water in your pressure washer is hot enough for the toughest cleaning jobs. Have more questions about thermostats? Contact APW Distributing today - we have been in operation for more than 30 years and our friendly staff is here to help.

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