telescoping wands

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Used for cleaning out of reach areas, telescoping wands allow you to work safer and save time. For example, some wands have the ability to reach areas up to 24-feet high, removing the need for a ladder and allowing you to stay safe on the ground.

 APW Distributing pressure washer wands are lightweight and easy to use. Used along with other pressure washing accessories, telescoping wands are great for many uses, including: 

  • Gutters

  • Tops of recreational vehicles

  • Siding on a two-story house

  • Hard to reach areas, such as heavy machinery

We also carry other accessories for use with your telescoping wand. Add a  belt and clip system to alleviate the pressure on your back and arms to make any job easier. Visit APW Distributing to find out how we can make your job easier with telescoping wands.

APW Distributing has been the in the pressure washing business for more than 28 years and our staff is experienced and knowledgeable. Our service department can answer any question about your pressure washer or accessories and help troubleshoot issues so you can get back on the job, whatever that job may be.

For more information on telescoping wands or pressure washers in general, contact us today.

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9 Item(s)

telescoping wands
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