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Used primarily for applying soaps or detergents without having to run them through your pump, killing weeds, blackberry starts, and other unwanted pests, sprayers are a quick, cheap, and easy to use. We carry several sizes and styles for homeowners who want to keep their landscaping looking great or the business owner who wants to keep their parking lot and grounds neat and tidy.

To use a sprayer, first fill the reservoir with detergent, weed killer, pesticide, or other liquid. Then pump the handle, point the wand, and spray the plants you want to get rid of. Take care when using chemicals and follow all recommended uses. Some spray may kill grasses or flowers you want to keep.

APW Distributing carries handheld sprayers for quick, small jobs. These sprayers hold as little as one liter and can be pumped from the top. The handle and nozzle are also located at the top and you simply point and shoot.

There are also larger sprayers available, including backpack sprayers. Backpack sprayers can hold gallons of liquid, are pumped with an arm attached to the sprayer, and feature a hose and wand. These sprayers take the strain off of your arms and allow you to work for longer period of times because you don’t need to set it down to re-apply pressure.

Have some unwanted plantlife encroaching on your flower bed or grasses growing in the crack of your driveway? Get a sprayer from APW Distributing and get rid of those weeds today!

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9 Item(s)

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