sand blast kits

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Sandblasting kits are an ideal way to increase the versatility of your pressure washer. These kits are attached to the end of the wand and draw sand in at the last possible moment. Specific nozzles, hoses, and probes are required for these jobs as standard pressure washing accessories would clog immediately.

Similar to introducing soap or detergent to the pressure washing, the probe will be placed inside a bag, bucket, or feeder and sucked through a hose to the nozzle. What are the uses for sandblasting? Applications for removing rust, paint, or other difficult imperfections include:

  • Car parts

  • Tools

  • Metal

  • Machinery

  • Siding

Sandblasting has also been used in art as creatives use the pressure on metal, wood, and even glass to distress or shape the materials.


Water from a pressure washer can cause damage on its own, but sandblasting is even more potentially dangerous. Particles of sand don’t break down into mist-like droplets as water does, so extra care is needed when using a sandblaster.

Some jobs can use three, four, or more bags of sand, so be prepared to deal with that sand once your job is done. If used inside, expect a fine layer of sand over everything. Outdoor use is advised, or a very controlled indoor area. Thick clothing, heading covering, and gloves are also recommended as sand bouncing off a surface and coming back towards the user will cause discomfort.

Want to know if a sandblaster would be applicable to your job? Contact APW Distributing today and our knowledgeable staff will walk through the pros and cons of sandblasting.

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sand blast kits
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