Pressure Washer Gauges

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With pressure gauges, you’ll be able to see if your pressure washer is performing to the manufacturer description. If your power washer doesn’t seem to be cleaning as well as it should, you’ll be able to quickly tell if you’re losing pressure with a gauge installed on your machine.

By attaching the gauge to the head of the pump, you’ll get more consistent readings. Placing the gauge elsewhere will introduce too many variables for the gauge to work properly. For example, if a gauge is placed near the end of the hose near the wand, the length of the hose could alter the readings (as well as being awkward).

To check the pressure, make sure the pressure washer is on and then start spraying. Does the gauge indicate the correct amount of pressure is being used? If not, there could be many reasons, including:

  • Worn out nozzles

  • Holes in the hoses

  • Valve obstruction

  • Worn o-rings

  • Loose hose connections

After checking all of the above, and you still aren’t getting the amount of pressure you should, give us a call and we can help troubleshoot the problem. If you need to have your pressure washer repaired, our experienced on-site service department will get it up and running again in no time.

If you are having problems with a nozzle, hose, or connectors, APW Distributing carries a wide variety as well. Having other issues with your pressure washer? Contact us today.

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8 Item(s)

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