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While many of our pressure washers are easy to move around, larger models can be more cumbersome. APW Distributing carries several styles of frames to give you more maneuverability while on the job.

Stationary Frames

To keep your pressure washer up off the ground, stationary frames give your pressure washer a stable base while you work. These frames also make it easier to move your pressure washer from job to job, or can be secured in place.

Wheeled Frames

For jobs that cover larger areas, a wheeled frame makes moving your pressure washer much easier. Many of these frames are also equipped with a gun rack and hose reel to make storage easier, too.

Other Frames

Hand held frames, wall mounted frames, roll cage frames, and skids are available for all pressure washer applications. For example, if your pressure washer will be used in one specific area, it can be mounted to the wall to keep it off the ground and stationary.

APW Distributing also carries replacement parts for frames as well as attachments and accessories for your pressure washer. In addition to frames, we carry a wide variety of accessories for your pressure washer, and equip you with the tools you need to get the job done quickly and safely.

Having problems with your power washer? In in-house service department is here to help, including troubleshooting problems that allow you to fix the problem on your own if possible.

Have a question about what frames will best suit your needs, or about pressure washers in general? Give us a call today.

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