XJET-16K, ORIGINAL X-JET KIT #16 3000-3500 PSI, 6.5-8 GPM

XJET-16K, ORIGINAL X-JET KIT #16 3000-3500 PSI, 6.5-8 GPM


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XJET-16K, ORIGINAL X-JET KIT #16 3000-3500 PSI, 6.5-8 GPM

The X-Jet is an external injection system that introduces the chemical to the water AFTER the pump, hose, gun, lance and fittings.  It prevents harsh chemicals from going through your pressure washer, hose, lance, etc.


The X-Jet nozzle allows the user to apply chemical using their pressure washer without running the chemical through the pump.  The Original X-Jet Nozzle allows you to inject chemicals, detergents, or other liquids at high pressure.  Depending on your washer's capabilities, the X-Jet system can project liquids to vertical heights over 40 feet.  It can be used on any pressure washer and with hot or cold water.



  • Apply chemicals at high pressure without going through your pump, high pressure hose, trigger gun, and wand
  • Stainless Steel
  • Use with hot or cold water (Do not use with steam)
  • Proportion chemicals ranging from 2 to 1 up to 480 to 1
  • Works great for SoftWash applications
  • Stay safe on the ground!  No need to climb ladders or scaffolding.


The Original X-Jet Kit Includes:

  • X-Jet Long Range Nozzle with Suction Hose Barb
  • 15 Piece Proportioner Set
  • Shut-Off Ball Valve
  • Mushroom Strainer
  • 12 Foot X-Jet Suction Hose
  • Quick Connect Plug


Be sure to check out the additional accessories to get the full potential out of your X-Jet System.



THE ORIGINAL X-Jet Kit #16     

Minimum PSI Required


Maximum PSI


Minimum Gallons Per Minute Required (GPM)     


Maximum Gallons Per Minute (GPM)


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